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“When making investments, we use a purely agnostic strategy.

We help investors by finding and arranging lucrative long-term investments.”

Worldwide Presence

With a footprint on 30 different continents and areas, we truly are global. We conducted initiatives in many different countries, including the USA, Hong Kong, Russia, Germany, Italy, Israel…

Worldwide partners

We have partnered with more than ten of China’s biggest companies, including Shanghai Electric, Sanxing, and Norinco, among others…

Successful References

We are presenting our greatest projects, which include the Dubai CSP Power Plant Phase IV, Thar Coal Fired Power Plant, CCPP Pancevo, and Senj Wind Power Plant.

Marijana Cosic


Our team has a single heartbeat! ​

Our core offer is to assist the development and construction of energy projects with our long-term equity partners. Targeting specific geographies and market sectors (such as roofs) in the EMEA area, we engage in projects early on and use a comprehensive approach.

We offer solar project development, project management, and Capital Market services. Our executive team has extensive expertise in Capital Markets and renewable energy project development, project management, risk management, and asset development.

Marijana Cosic



Our Advantages

World Wide Company

Working across the value chain with 300 employees working dedicatedly with renewable and conventional energy locally and globally.


We have more than 15 years of
experience with our strong partners in the planning, design and implementation of energy solutions across a large number of geographies.


Lisann Ltd is among the 10 leading energy consultancies in Europe. We focus on adding maximum value – both to our clients and society at large.

Strong Focus

We place a strong focus on optimising performance and production, integrating environmental and safety interests in all phases of our projects.


We believe that our success is entirely reliant on that of our clients.


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We are pleased to introduce our Chinese partners.

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