CCPP Pancevo 160MW

Pancevo Combined Cycle Power PIant is designed for the combined generation of electric and thermal energy based on natural gas. CCPP Pancevo with an electrical capacity of about 200 MW will be the first steam and gas combined cycle gas-fired power plant in Serbia-the most environmentally friendly form of fuel.

The project is being implemented jointly by Gazprom Energoholding Group and NIS a.d. Novi Sad ( Gazprom Neft Group). The bulk of the investment is provided by Gazprom Energoholding Group.

The construction of the CCPP is carried out in an industrial area on an area of about 2 hectares in the immediate vicinity of the Pancevo Oil Refinery, which belongs to NIS a.d Novi Sad (Gazprom Neft Group).

The generated thermal energy will be used to meet the needs of the Pancevo Refinery, and electricity will be sold on the electricity market of Serbia and neighbouring countries.

The construction of the CCPP Pancevo began in March 2019. Putting the CCPP into operation is scheduled for 2020.

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